GDPR: What is it, what will it cover, and how should your SME prepare?

With groundbreaking digital advances, comes an increasing concern over privacy. Information on consumers can be collected, with databases recording anything from a profile picture, to Google searches and buying history. This tends to make people suspicious, but there are benefits to companies having an insight into our online presence, namely a personalised service. Having our […]

What is Managed IT and why is it important?

Managed IT is the subcontracting of all things IT to a third-party provider. It is a service offered by computing experts, including IT 4 Offices, to help support and protect your devices. Rather than employ an IT department, enlisting an outsourced team is more cost effective. It also ensures that your equipment is given special […]

To BYOD or not to BYOD? The Risks When You Bring Your Own Device to Work

The debate surrounding whether as an employee you should be encouraged to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work rumbles on. But is this trend of allowing workers to use their own devices one of the more employee friendly and efficiency-boosting measures, or is it the largest security risk your company could potentially face? We’ve […]

Why an IT health assessment is vital for SMEs

Unlike people, computers do not have the capability to vocalise when something is wrong. Despite their incredible intelligence, they can’t communicate how to prevent the process of their systems from breaking down. We know not to lift heavy objects if we want to protect our backs, we know to put sun cream on to look […]

Choosing your new hardware: What questions should you be asking?

To be successful in business, it is important to consistently evolve. From streamlining strategies to creating more efficient processes, there are always ways to improve. This essential practice involves looking inward, analysing what is working well and what needs improvement. Technology, the backbone of every business, is one area that needs constant evaluation. Regular redesigns […]

Cybercrime is evolving. Is your business protected?

An integral part of 21st-century living, the internet has streamlined our intake of information, enabled worldwide communication, and facilitated the consumption of endless entertainment. Yet with cybercriminals finding smarter, more devious ways to target businesses, SMEs are having to match their ingenuity with protection strategies. Statistically, businesses who fail to protect their systems will experience […]

Our highlights from The Business Show 2017

We’ve had a busy few months at EBM Ltd, and last week was no exception as the team headed off to London to exhibit at The Business Show 2017; a two-day event at ExCeL with a wealth of seminars, stands, and networking opportunities for small businesses and startups to explore. While we were too busy […]

Are your emails safe? Keep information protected with Antispam Europe

Today, over 90% of emails delivered worldwide are spam. That’s 160 billion emails every day that we don’t want or need to receive. Not only is this clogging of our inboxes hugely inconvenient with employees having to manually sift through the junk to get to the genuine, the drain on company time costs businesses an […]

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