The Security Benefits of Using Google Cloud Print


The security benefits of using Google Cloud Print services are numerous and mean that businesses can print and store confidential documents without fear of their contents being leaked. Google Cloud Print enables you to share your print device with work colleagues across your organisation with absolute ease. But does so through a dedicated print management page that means you do so securely and that it is only shared with trusted individuals.

Google Cloud:

All documents printed through Google Cloud Print are transferred over a secure connection. Once a job is complete are then automatically deleted from the system to ensure complete control and privacy over what you are sharing. Although this is an automated feature, you are able to adapt and customise all Google Print settings to suit them to your needs through your dedicated Google Cloud Print account. This means security and flexibility.

For small businesses, security is a feature of their print process that is generally overlooked, but can be easily stabilised. Studies have shown that 30% of printouts are not collected from devices.  With an even higher percentage left perhaps hours after they were initially printed. When you consider the potentially sensitive data that is being just left on top of a machine for anyone to read it is important to consider the alternatives. Whether it is customer contracts, internal notices or even notes for a pitch proposal. These are documents that need to retain their confidentiality, and security should be paramount.

Thanks to printers with Google Cloud Print installed. Means documents that contain sensitive information can now be managed throughout the printing process to ensure that they are never lost or left, and that they can’t fall into the hands of people they shouldn’t. With Google Cloud, you print the document when standing next to the device. This maintains confidentiality as only you are able to receive what comes out. You can even delete unwanted print jobs before they come to fruition, again ensuring efficiency.

HTTPS connection to add an additional layer of security

Another security based feature of Google Cloud Printing is that it uses a HTTPS connection to add an additional layer of security. This is one of the major benefits of using the cloud. As documents and pictures that are sent can be immediately deleted once they are printed. Failing that you can choose to keep them on the server and delete manually, a personal choice that maintains the flexibility of the system.

Google have invested a great deal of money into their Cloud Printing. As have Lexmark and Konica Minolta in embedding the system into their devices. At EBM, we understand how important security is to businesses. This is why we recommend Google Cloud Print to our customers. We are able to run through the finer details and ensure that your documents remain secure, in a way that they may never have been before. Simply call us today for details of how cloud printing can be tailored to you.