EBM joins the Olivetti “Best for Color” Dealer Programme

EBM has been awarded Olivetti’s exclusive “Best for Color” Dealer accolade. This entitles EBM to join a European-wide network of selected specialists. Who are qualified, at the highest level, to provide the best solutions and service to users of Olivetti’s high-performance colour print and multi-functional product range.

Best for Color

To become “Best for Color”, selected authorised Olivetti dealers are, in the first instance, invited to apply. There is a set of stringent criteria that those invited to join have to meet before they can be accepted as a true “Best for Color” dealer. This set of criteria includes the provision of a showroom facility, where customers can visit to see full demonstrations of Olivetti colour products.

Dealers must also commit to the on-going improvement of the levels of colour knowledge of all their staff. And set a standard for offering the best advice and guidance to customers and endeavor to save the customer time, effort and money in the long-term.

The most important aspect, and the one that will be the deciding factor, as to whether a dealer becomes a full “Best for Color” dealer. They must be able to demonstrate that their technicians have attended and passed technical service training courses. Run by Olivetti, for the entire range of Olivetti products. From the low-end colour MFPs right the way through to the high volume solutions. The “Best for Color” award is a standard that must be maintained by the dealer by ensuring their technicians receive on-going development.

Dennis Woods, Managing Director of Olivetti UK Limited, highlighted the importance of the programme for the customer. “The “Best for Color” scheme offers customers, of Olivetti colour products. And the peace of mind that they are dealing with a fully trained. A professional company who they know they can trust. Which will  provide them with the very best products and service from day one of their working partnership. Any dealer, who fails to maintain the standards we expect, will not remain in the programme”.