EBM offers the construction industry a broad selection of photocopiers and printers ranging from installation to refurbishment of used machines, to guarantee our clients get a machine that is specific to them, paired with an efficient service to get their site office up and running quickly.

One thing that sets us apart from competitors is our ability to deliver and install all equipment to the construction site within 24 hours of the agreement being made. It is this efficiency that keeps our clients returning, as they know that EBM guarantees a quick turnaround if necessary.

Once a machine is installed, we then train the relevant staff members on its intricacies, to make sure that it runs efficiently for the business. This is followed up throughout the lease with maintenance and servicing from our engineers, to keep the machine in peak condition at all times so construction companies can focus on building their business.

Once a lease agreement comes to a close, we take the used machine back to our factory to be refurbished, giving it a thorough inspection before sending it back out again to a new site in a condition fitting of the service we provide.