Remote Desktop

Work from anywhere. On any device.

Remote desktops installed and run by EBM allow you and your staff to work seamlessly and securely from home or on the road.


Re-Organise Your Network Infrastructure

Get a system that makes sense. Save time with a logical file structure that’s easy to manage and maintain.

After an initial assessment of your IT networks and infrastructure, EBM’s technicians will suggest a variety of actions to create a clear and organised system, and impose security rules that protect your business.


Cloud Back-Up

Imagine how many thousands of files your business processes. What would happen if they were corrupted? Or lost? How long would your business survive?

At EBM, we protect your business-critical data and give you peace of mind.

Utilising our secure cloud server, we take a daily back-up of your IT systems to ensure that if the worst happens we can get your business up and running again with minimum disruption.

What’s also reassuring is that your files will be safe and secure in our UK data centre and protected off-site from events such as flood, fire or theft.

Other benefits of cloud back-up:

  • Automatic daily back-up
  • Simple to restore data
  • Cost effective with no manual process involved
  • Off-site and protected at our UK data centre


Find out how working with EBM will benefit your business. Speak with one of our experts today.