The Advantages of Print Management Software

Equally as important as the make and model of your printer is the Print Management Software you use to regulate your usage. Print management is about saving your company time and money when it comes to your printing. By introducing services that improve efficiency and help you to monitor your procedures. Keeping costs to a minimum and reducing your environmental impact should be paramount to any business who regularly prints, copies or scans.

At EBM we endorse a number of industry leading Print Management Software options. By advising our clients on how each product can be adapted to meet the requirements of specific companies, industries or machines.


PaperCut was designed to cut printing costs for a variety of different sectors, with different software for Education, SME and Corporate businesses and Professional Client Billing requirements.

The software focuses on the environmental impact that excessive printing can have. To combat this it has developed an accessible, easy to use interface that is developed and upgraded by experts from within the industry that each platform is developed for.

For Education there is the ability to control print quotas for students, staff and even faculties. The system is low maintenance and the ability to create individual user accounts helps ensure accountability. For the SME and Corporate platform you can also monitor both individuals and departments. Responsibility is crucial, with PaperCut developing reports that highlight who is environmentally astute. Professional Client Billing is aimed at Accounting, Engineering and Design companies, with detailed account and invoice reporting that allows you to recover the cost of printing directly from clients.

YSoft SafeQ

Server based, with YSoft you receive both efficiency and security. By monitoring and analysing where you are spending money you can then create an overview of your printing reliance and put strategies in place to reduce it. A universal product, this is software that implements cost controls to remove surplus and keep more money in your business.

This is possible thanks to YSoft’s ability to track every print, copy and scan internally, so you can set limits. You can prevent personal documents being printed by staff. By using other paper and ink reducing measures such as grey scale and double sided as default all reducing usage. The security factor comes in thanks to the authentication capabilities of the software, with ID cards and passwords keeping confidential information secure.

OpenBee Solutions

OpenBee keeps print to a minimum by offering secure storage through an online portal. By archiving, managing and storing data through OpenBee you are able to keep printed copies to a minimum. As well as managing print you can also manage your staff’s time efficiently. With scanned paper documents and electronic files together and accessible by your workforce simultaneously.

The interface is easy to use and makes uploading files and even inputting subscription and contract dates simple. OpenBee Scan gives you the option of indexing and filing documents through the machine itself. This means mail, contracts, delivery slips and invoices are all securely stored online. Installed directly onto the machine you can manage print through your devise’s touchscreen. The whole system is designed to increase the productivity of how you manage documents.

For more information on any of software we endorse please feel free to get in touch. We supply for companies from any trade and have experience in meeting unique requirements. Talk to a dedicated member of the team today to see how we can help you reduce your printing costs.