Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow: EBM Managed Services supports Brainwave festive fundraiser with body wax

Festive fundraiser, Martin gets waxed

EBM working with Brainwave

There will be a little less of Martin Moulds of EBM Managed Services in Witham this Christmas. He has decided to have his chest and back waxed to raise funds for Brainwave; a UK based charity offering therapy to children with disabilities and additional needs to help them achieve their potential.

Martin said: “I really want to help the children who attend Brainwave for therapy. I thought this was a good way of raising money for them – albeit a painful one. My hope is to raise awareness of this charity’s fantastic work, and to encourage people’s support through donations. These can be either via Brainwave’s website, or on 18 December, when they can come to watch me suffer.”

Mick Bailey, Director, EBM said: “EBM has been a long-time supporter of Brainwave. Supporting to our local charity of choice is incredibly important to us. We are proud to see Martin’s efforts adding to this.

EBM provides Brainwave’s South East Centre in Witham with a full colour printer run free of charge. We also print their flyers and posters to help with promoting events. Over the years this support has saved them thousands, and it is something we are uniquely positioned to do. We’re privileged to work with Brainwave and play a part in their cause, and we will continue to do so.”

Festive Fundraiser

Nikki Sears, owner of Nik’s Lashes n Brows, will be responsible for carrying out the hair removal using specialist vegan and organic products.

Nikki said: “I heard about Martin’s body waxing to raise money for Brainwave Children’s Charity via Witham Chamber of Commerce. I wanted to help as I have a son with additional needs, so fully appreciate how much it means to have support in helping in your child’s development. I am looking forward to being a part of of an event that will hopefully raise a lot of money at Brainwave children’s therapy centre, helping children to achieve their potential.”

Gerry Gould, Community Manager at Brainwave children’s charity said “We cannot thank Martin enough for undergoing this experience. He has lots of ideas around raising funds for us. It costs £3,500 per child, per year to keep them on our exercise therapy programmes, and as we do not receive any Government funding, this event really means a lot to us.

We offer therapy to children with disabilities and additional needs to support them in reaching their potential. What makes us different is that after a two-day Initial Assessment, our therapists devise a structured exercise therapy programme to suit the individual needs of each child. As well as supplying any therapy equipment needed, we teach parents how to conduct therapy at home, and the results we see are amazing. Martin’s plight will be fun a way to draw people’s attention to what we do, although perhaps less fun for Martin!”

How to help

To support Martin in his waxing endeavours you can donate here:

If you would like to come along to this waxing event at the Brainwave Centre in Witham on Monday 18 December at 5:30pm, please contact Gerry Gould:

Find out more about how EBM supports Brainwave here: