While there are many attractive benefits to ownership of a device, many businesses choose to lease printers and copiers for the added flexibility. Our photocopier and printer leasing contracts provide businesses with the products and equipment they need at an affordable fixed monthly rate.

The key benefits of leasing photocopiers and printers

Smaller Upfront Costs

Revenue is something that builds over time, which is why having to pay large sums upfront for equipment can be damaging. With leasing you are charged monthly or quarterly, reducing the impact.


Having cash to hand is crucial for quick expansion. By leasing you get the most up to date technology, without paying the prices.

Budget Management

At EBM, our leasing options are set with a fixed monthly payment, regardless of interest rate rises. This allows for accurate budgeting of your rental.

Preserving Credit Lines

Our leasing options start from £500, helping you preserve your existing bank lines and optimise your use of commercial credit sources.

Technology Upgrades

Take advantage of the latest technological advances at a reasonable cost. By leasing, you can keep up to date, without having to dispose of an asset first.

Flexible Payment Levels

We allow you to choose your payment level. Our finance lease options range from one year to five, with our dedicated team able to guide you in selecting the right equipment for your term.