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Google Cloud is an incredibly useful tool that has revolutionised the way that people share and store data. By being able to save your files to the ‘Cloud’ you’re able to retrieve them anywhere, without having to physically carry them or send them to location. Lexmark has looked at this progress and added to their machines the ability to use the Cloud to print from directly.

  • When in Gmail or Google Docs, send a print job to Google Cloud Print on your chosen printer
  • Once the job is sent, select the icon from the touch screen of the device, select your job and print
  • Link the printer to your Google Cloud Print account via the icon on the printer’s touchscreen

Print on the goPrint on-the-go
Upload Gmail messages or files to Google Docs and print them at your convenience.



Easy to use with Lexmark devicesEasy access to Google
The only thing you need to begin printing from the Google Cloud is a Google account.



Secure with LexmarkSecure, efficient pull printing
Documents containing sensitive information are not exposed to prying eyes, mistakenly picked up by, or accidentally thrown in the trash. In addition, print jobs that are no longer needed cease to be an issue—simply delete them.



  • On the go printing with any mobile device
  • Save money and reduce waste by printing only what you need to print
  • Secure your print jobs as authentication is required to release your documents


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