Re-Writing The Rule Book (Print.IT Reseller)

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EBM Managing Director – Mark Bailey – features in the latest edition of Print.IT Resller, the leading industry publication for the print industry. Mark appears alongside contemporaries answering the following question:

Print.IT Reseller:

Cloud services are re-writing the rule book when it comes to business operations and customer expectations. Managing IT infrastructure in the cloud makes it easier for organisations to flex and scale, reduces costs, and increases employee efficiency and flexibility. For vendors, cloud services offer recurring revenue streams and increased customer stickiness.

Managing print in the new hybrid working model brings fresh challenges. Do you believe that the ability to offer cloud print services to address customers’ changing needs will be a key differentiator, and will a focus on this area help MPS providers recover from losses experienced during the pandemic? 


To grow after the pandemic will require flexibility, there is no doubt about that. As B2B suppliers, our growth only comes from the success of our customers. We must be able to anticipate their needs, and to really listen to them. Cloud printing services offer the flexibility craved by many businesses right now. It’s a great option, and there’s clearly room for it to grow. However, I anticipate that most providers will offer cloud printing soon – if they don’t already. Long-term, it won’t be a strong differentiator but it’s possible that in the short-term it could the the foot in the door that MPS providers need to build the fruitful business relationships that really enable growth. In that sense, it could play a very important role in the industry’s pandemic recovery.”


Read the full article in the latest edition of Print.IT Reseller. Find out more about EBM’s cloud print offering.