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What is Scan to Network?

Scan to Network is an efficient and easy way to capture hardcopy documents, convert to a digital format and save to a predefined location in a shared network folder, facilitating the automatic conversion of hard copy to soft copy document management.

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Scan to Network is the simple, efficient way to convert hardcopy documents into digital format, allowing for a more economical soft copy management system to be utilised. Through setting a predefined folder location for documents to be stored, the process of converting to digital form offers both time and space-saving opportunities.

One benefit of Scan to Network is its use of a shared networking folder, meaning that documents are immediately made available to those who have access. This is an automatic conversion, with less time spent attaching documents to emails and more time managing them digitally.

This centralised activity leads to a more efficient scanning system. Not only is time saved and the risk of errors massively reduced, it also saves valuable space both in the reduction of hardcopy documents in need of physical storage, and in your email inbox, with less document attachments needing to be stored there.