At EBM Managed Services, we supply refurbished machines that have been returned to us from leases or upgrades.

The refurbishment process is performed by our in-house technicians and involves completely stripping the machine down to the chassis. The printer or photocopier is then put through a series of tests and treatments and thoroughly cleaned resulting in a re-energised, efficient and trustworthy system.

Our refurbishment process of recycling a previously owned machine rather than sending it to be scrapped enables us to be a more eco-friendly business.

Our highly skilled team is dedicated to remanufacturing devices to their former glory, following a standardised set of procedures in order to maintain the quality of the service and strictly adhere to the specifications necessary to breathe new life into old machines.

Prior to reselling a used device, we run a series of quality control procedures, intricately checking each technical aspect of each machine. If a machine doesn’t pass one of these checks, then it will not be released.

We guarantee that every device to leave our premises will be in full working order and ready to use for the years to come. Not only will it run more smoothly and effectively, but also look great in your office too.

About our printer and copier refurbishment process

We begin by removing all parts and stripping completely. At this stage, we analyse individual parts in order to assess which areas are worn or damaged. Through a thorough analysis we can then begin to compile a list of parts to be replaced, and the ones that we intend to keep are moved on to be cleaned.

Both the covers and the individual parts will be thoroughly cleaned, a process that aids them technically, also making them look great too. Parts and panels are given a good wash in detergent-free water. We do this so that there are no chemicals involved that may harm the components of the printer or photocopier, while still maintaining a comprehensive clean.

After they are washed the covers get their beauty treatment. All scratches are dealt with in order to have them prepped and ready for re-spraying. We make sure to always use a water-based paint, for a refurbished shine, and, once painted, will begin to reassemble the machine back together.

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