Refurbished Printers: Are they just the cheap alternative?

When it comes to buying a new printer to add to your print fleet or just to replace an old one. This ends up as a bit of a game between what you need, what you want, and what you can actually afford. But what if you could get what you need and what you want, for the price you ca afford? Hello Refurbished Printers!

Refurbished printers are machines that have come out of a three year contract and have been stripped down back to the basics, and then they have been refitted with new parts. After this, the refurbished printers are then resold back into the market as alternatives to brand new printers. Refurbished printers, or ‘refurbs’, are just renovated printers, and they can be any type of printer, from a simple desktop printer to a huge production printer/copier/scanner.

What are the benefits of a refurbished printer?

One of the biggest benefits, and most obvious ones, is getting the printer that you want, for the price you wish to pay. Refurbished printers have been renovated by skilled technicians who ensure that the printers are back in a close-to-new condition. The refurbished printers are sold at used printers prices. The best of both worlds!

Another reason why more people are now choosing refurbished printers over new printers is that they are more eco-friendly. This is because it reduces the amount of printers that will one day just become scrap, whilst recycling and doing ‘our bit’ for the environment.

How do you make the most of a refurbished machine?

The most sensible idea is to purchase a refurbished printer with a maintenance contract. A maintenance contract means that the company will pay for the parts for the printer when it needs repairs, for a small agreed fee every month. This is usually on a ‘cost per copy’ basis.

Another idea is to get the company who you have purchased the refurbished printer from, to place a warranty on the machine. This is usually for the first three months.

And of course, only buy a printer which is capable to do the job you need it to do!

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