Under our care, you can be sure that your data and that of your clients will be safe and protected.

Outsource IT tasks to a single, reliable provider. As a business partner, EBM provides advice and strategies to streamline your systems and improve functionality. Even more, as a helpdesk we act quickly to resolve any issues as they arise and provide effective, efficient advice.

System Review: Identifying Threats

With EBM’s complementary IT Reviews, we make a thorough assessment of your system.

This is done across three categories:

  • Users (e.g. how you want the system to work, how we can make sure your system is suitable to support business growth, common hurdles experienced by users, etc);
  • Hardware/software (e.g. the age and performance of devices, disk space, etc); and
  • infrastructure/security (e.g. the proficiency of anti-virus and malware programmes, data protection protocols, weak spots in firewalls, current monitoring arrangements, etc).

Once the IT Review is complete, you will be given a report detailing system strengths, weaknesses and identifying potential threats to security. We will also provide recommendations and pricing for EBM to remedy any issues. However, the report is 100% no obligation – you will simply be given the information to make an informed decision to streamline and sure up your IT systems.

Disaster Recovery

EBM reviews and maps your network and puts in place policies, procedures and processes to ensure your vital IT infrastructure can effectively recover from natural or human-induced disasters, and therefore ensuring business continuity.


Did you know cyber breaches cost the average UK SME £25,700 to deal with? Because of this, EBM’s IT plans equip your systems with a secure anti-virus that protects from online threats.

Email Spam Filtering

EBM’s reliable and effective email filtering separates genuine messages from junk and cuts the cost of spam by reducing the manpower needed to deal with it.

System Monitoring

EBM ensures minimal downtime by proactively monitoring your network and server. With software that alerts us to any issues, we’re poised to address them before they cause disruption to your business.

Cloud Back-Up

Data is the most valuable part of your business. That’s why we back up your files to our reliable cloud server on a daily basis to keep it safe and secure.

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