PaperCut Print Management Solution is adaptable to suit businesses of all sizes. The main benefits of PaperCut Print Management Solution are outlined below:

Follow-Me printing improves security because it means that no data sits unattended on the printer. It’s only released when the author arrives to collect it. Additionally, this means that you can reduce waste by setting print policies that cancel jobs that go uncollected after a set period of time.

The software can be used to track usage, and the data can be broken down into departments, offices or users. This means you can measure quotas and set budgets, keeping costs low and helping you find who in your team is most environmentally aware.

The Professional Client Billing tool means that each print job can be assigned a client reference, and is reported accordingly. PaperCut allows you to create detailed account and invoice reports. Easy to use, there is little administration required. Accounts are simply set up and then allocated to specific print jobs. This means that printing costs can be recovered directly from a client, project or department.