Based on Threadneedle Street in the heart of the City of London, EBM works with companies both large and small, helping them to implement a managed print solution that is tailor-made to work for them.

In print-heavy industries, such as finance and legal, thousands of pages may be printed every day, and while it is a necessity to do so, a managed print service can provide a more economical and environmentally friendly solution. While we may not be able to reduce the volume your business prints, we can guarantee that our managed print plans will help your business to print smarter. The cost of printing is typically between 1% and 3% of a company’s revenue, and on average, we can save businesses more than 30%, allowing you to free up capital.

In addition to making significant savings, there are also numerous other benefits, including:

Servicing and maintenance included

Minimal downtime, backed up by the EBM Guarantee.

Automatically reorder consumables

Reduced admin freeing up your staff to complete more important tasks.

Monitoring and reporting

Detailed reports identify where further optimisations can be made to save more.

Increase employee productivity through greater collaboration

Utilise cloud functionality for easy access to documents from a range of devices.

Reduces burden on IT departments

Eliminate many print-related issues, freeing up resources in your IT department.

Keep data safe

Provide added security via access methods that best fit your business, including biometrics and key cards.

Control waste

Managed print software prevents unnecessary and wasteful print jobs.

Better for the environment

Eco-friendly fleet to reduce your carbon footprint.

To find out how EBM can help your business, book a free print audit online, or call our London office on 020 3904 5225.

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Theatre Royal Stratford East

Case Study: Theatre Royal Stratford East

Discover how EBM helped Theatre Royal Stratford East print smarter, resulting in huge savings while helping to meet its environmental targets.

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