Intelligent print software has three big benefits for your business: improved data security, greater control, and less waste.

Data Security

No more sensitive data left on printers. No more accidental printing. With software solutions provided by EBM, documents are only printed when the author arrives at the machine to collect them.

Greater Control

Over costs. Over productivity. By running reports through print software, you can review and restrict wasteful printing.

Less Waste

Print software allows you to implement print policies designed to reduce the amount of paper used (e.g. default double-sided printing) and the amount of toner (e.g. black and white by default), meaning that your print resources last longer, saving you money with the added benefit of being less wasteful.

Software from EBM

We use software from PaperCut which offers a full management system that allows you to control quotas and budgets, decrease your office and department usage and even offer detailed invoice reports, therefore making it incredibly useful in lowering costs.

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