Leased lines from EBM

Firstly, what are leased lines ?

A leased lines from EBM is a direct dedicated connection between the local exchange and your place of business. Typically some SME’s and larger businesses use these as they rely so much upon their broadband service and cannot afford to be without it for any amount of time.

Leased Line verses Broadband

A broadband line is a line that you share with other users in your area, this means you might experience issues such as low WiFi at peak times.

A leased line from EBM is a dedicated line just for you. Which means no more sharing with companies around you, it’s a premium form of broadband, it increases speeds and reliability. And why it is called leased is simple, you rent it from your internet service provider. Just like a line rental in years past.

Leased Line Monitoring

Above all and most importantly a Leased Line is monitored 24/7 365 days a year.

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