69% of businesses in the UK have no idea how much they spend on printing. Ink, toner, wasted paper and even productivity loss during downtime all contribute to high printing costs.

The cost of printing is often overlooked by businesses. But by making simple changes, you could save a significant amount of money in a very short amount of time! Our expert team will fully assess your existing print set up to help you to implement the best possible print strategy to meet your business requirements – while saving you money.

Take a FREE, no obligation print audit from EBM to:

  • Calculate the cost of printing to your company
  • Take measurements of device usage
  • Analyse how much is printed on a monthly basis in both colour and mono
  • Review the cost of cartridges and toner consumption
  • Check the efficiency of each of your devices

Once all this data is gathered we can project exactly what your print is costing you. Then offer a counter proposal that lists exactly how much money we would be able to save you every year.

After providing the proposal, we will offer advice on where changes should be made. Including device upgrades and recommendations on print management software solutions. We can also provide guidance on process improvements to show not only where your business can be saving money, but also where considerable improvements in efficiency can be made.

For businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, a print audit can help identify where the impact on the environment can be reduced by taking into account the amount of toner and paper used, and the electricity consumed to run the equipment.

To take advantage of the FREE print audit on offer, get in touch today.