Getting the right IT support for your business is a balancing act. As your business grows, you spend more and more time managing IT issues. Therefore, as your business gets bigger still you’ll need to think about a dedicated IT resource. Because you should be focused on running your business.

Without specialist IT skills and experience in place, what happens when something goes wrong?

EBM’s reliable and friendly IT team stand out from the IT crowd. Because we make prioritise common sense and business-critical functions. As such, we deliver an outstanding service. This covers:

  • Hardware & Software – everything you need to get to work
  • Systems, Networks & Infrastructure – how and where your data is stored, organised and accessed
  • Security & Disaster Recovery – protecting your assets and setting up plans for a worst-case scenario
  • On-Going Support – your own IT team, outsourced


Identify and Reduce Risks with our IT Reviews

Not sure where to start?

EBM’s free-of-charge, comprehensive IT reviews cover devices, software, network infrastructure, security, current disaster recovery processes, hosting and support (e.g. downtime, on-going performance issues). It’s no-obligation and it gives you the information you need to improve productivity and reduce risk. Find out more, or book an appointment today – get in touch.

Benefits of EBM’s scalable IT solutions include:

  • Friendly and straight-talking IT professionals
  • Top-of-the-range hardware, with a guaranteed technology refresh every three years
  • Software from market-leading providers
  • Responsive support via helpdesk, remote access and on-site engineers
  • Proactive monitoring to address security threats before they become problems
  • Cloud storage solutions that mean the end of on-site servers, giving your business greater flexibility
  • Reasonable and fixed monthly cost for a service that matches your business needs

Above all, we believe that IT shouldn’t be complicated. Speak directly with a straight-talking IT professional in Essex who will act quickly to resolve your issues. Get in touch today: 01376 512 575.


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