Cloud technology for SMEs

IT & Telecoms: Working in the Cloud

Back in the office? At home? By the pool? True flexible working starts in the cloud.   Flexible working is here to stay.   If there is one […]

Back in the Office. Busy Office Environment

Back in the Office with EBM

Getting the team back in the office? Now’s the time to make sure it’s running at its best with EBM. We’re the best choice for […]

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Tackling the Rising Costs of Telecoms

In an article from last year, Telemedia Online highlighted survey results showing that UK SMEs have experienced an increase in telecoms spend by as much […]

Theatre Production Putting on a Show

Putting on a Show

Mel Brooks’ “The Producers” tells the story of how theatres make money. In theory, you can make more money with a flop than with a […]

Laptop with desk phone in the background and VoIP Telecoms headset resting on keyboard.

Staying Connected: The benefits of VoIP

With more and more people working from home staying connected has become more important than ever. Video calls and cloud based work have become the […]

VOIP Headset resting on keyboard

VOIP: It’s Time to Make the Switch

Put simply, VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is a phone system that makes calls over the internet. Why VOIP? There are many advantages of using […]

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How to Prepare for the ISDN Switch-Off

BT have recently announced that they will not be using ISDN technology from 2020. Additionally, they will no longer support ISDN technologies from 2025. Insulate […]

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What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for “voice over internet protocol”. Put simply, it’s a phone service that works over the internet. Starting next year, BT will begin to […]

Close Up of Hand Dialling Telephone

Telephony in 2019

From accounts and purchasing to canvassing and customer service, telephones are essential for running your business. The immediacy of a phone call, as well as […]