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Three reasons your law firm should utilise managed print services

Paper documents are the backbone of every law firm – If you work in the legal industry, you will understand the important role that printing plays in the success of your job. From deeds and contracts, to wills, leases, agreements, and litigations – there’s no end to the list of paper files that are necessary in this document intensive industry.

Due to the sheer volume of hard copy documents being printed on a regular basis, adopting an efficient managed print service (MPS) could be the perfect way for your law firm to benefit from more economic and environmentally friendly printing.

What is MPS?

MPS is a service designed to optimise all aspects of a businesses’ printing devices and processes to save money and improve workflows; while it will not reduce the amount of printing per se, it will ensure your law firm is printing smarter.

Enhance security

We can probably all relate to a situation where we’ve sent a file to the printer, and then got waylaid and distracted by emails, calls, and co-workers, only for the document to be left waiting in the printer’s out-tray until the next person goes to retrieve their own print outs.

Despite being a simple mishap to make, this scenario could spell great trouble in a law firm where any document is likely to contain a plethora of sensitive details; including financial data, insurance information, tax information, medical records, criminal checks, and court evidence.

A managed print solution is designed to prevent printed documents from falling into the wrong hands by sending print jobs to a queue, rather than instantly printing them out. Until the rightful owner of the document authenticates him/herself at the printer, the hard copy will not be produced. If the authorised document owner does not release the print, the document remains unprinted and saved in the queue.

Cost savings

With such a high volume of documents to print, many legal firms may not even realise just how many unnecessary expenses they are accumulating. There’s the cost of running outdated printers, excess use of ink, toner, and paper supplies, and hours spent organising repairs, over time, these costs all add up and impact the bottom line.

The majority of legal print costs can be billed back to the clients, but because multiple users and departments are producing documents, it can be difficult to quantify and keep track of exactly how much printing is actually taking place and how much this is costing the company and clients.

Managed print services can resolve this issue by providing an audit of the current print infrastructure to identify areas where savings can be made, as well as reducing supplies and repair costs, ensuring the firm is maximising their fleet of printers, at the lowest possible cost.

Improve efficiency

In a law firm where the demand for printing and copying is high, any printer issues need to be addressed immediately, but your legal team should be investing their time into casework, not troubleshooting printer problems, or replacing ink cartridges.

MPS gives you a direct line to an expert technician who will manage your print supplies and needs so not only will you be able to reduce your overhead expenses, but you’ll also free up staff resource, to increase their productivity.

Building a case for MPS in your law firm

The legal industry is constantly under pressure from deadlines, clients, and data security. With printed documents at the heart of a law firm’s daily operations, managed print services can help to alleviate many of these pressures.

To find out more about how EBM managed print services can help your law firm, speak to us today.