SME and Micro-Business Print Trends: Smarter Business Printing

EBM Ltd conducted exclusive research at The Business Show among SMEs and micro-businesses on their attitudes to printing.

The research revealed:

  • 79% of businesses want to reduce how much they spend on printing
  • 67% of businesses are opting to purchase devices outright
  • 52% of businesses utilise more than one print device
  • The cost of printing is a major concern

Download the report today to find out more.

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The Seven Deadly Sins of print

With printing on the increase, and the average cost of printing between 1 and 3% of revenue, it’s surprising that so few companies are managing their print assets. In a guide by our partners, Ricoh, we explore seven ways in which businesses are being stung by the hidden costs of printing.

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Reducing paper waste

Our partners, Konica Minolta, commissioned a white paper for EBM Ltd – ‘Reducing Paper Waste’ that highlights the impact of paper waste on a business.

The whitepaper includes:

  • Industry analysis on the current printing landscape
  • Typical issues that business encounter in their print strategy
  • Advice on how businesses can reduce their print volume, saving money and reducing environmental impact
  • Information on how businesses can monitor printing across multiple devices in an increasingly mobile world

Download the whitepaper today to find out more.

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