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YSoft-SafeQ-Software LogoPrint management is about saving money, time and resources. This is the mantra of YSoft SafeQ, a software program developed to control your print services and keep your organisation secure and efficient.

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The software is server based, meaning online access and no clogging up of computers with excessive data. You are given the chance to regulate your printing, reducing costs and minimising your environmental impact as you do. Add to that the security features that YSoft puts in place and you have a pretty comprehensive print management solution.

The idea of any management software is to monitor and analyse exactly where and what you are spending on your printing. Through this overview you can then formulate plans to significantly reduce those costs, meaning a boost in budget elsewhere. Managing your printing like this is a fantastic way to optimise your usage, through implementing cost controls.

The great thing about this software is that it is universal too. No matter your industry, whether you are a small business or large organisation, if you print then controls are crucial to the way you run the company. Why waste money and resources where they needn’t be spent? With YSoft you remove that surplus cost to be utilised elsewhere.

So where exactly can you save your money? Well, YSoft is able to track every print, copy and scan that is performed at your machine, meaning that limits can be set. You are in control, so irrelevant or personal documents being printed by your staff can be prevented, grey scale can be enforced if colour is unnecessary and all business documents can be double sided. All of this reduces ink, paper and time wasting too.

Security will often be a factor for businesses printing secure or private documents. With the YSoft authentication capabilities you guarantee that the right print is always in the right hands, thanks to ID cards and passwords.

The software itself is designed to be easy to use too. A simple interface with an easy to monitor dashboard means very little training for your admin staff and immediate results. With detailed reports on all activity across your organisation, from department, to client, to project, you not only save money but the environment too.

So if you are feeling the strain of excessive printing costs, think YSoft SafeQ and speak to a member of the Essex Business Machines team today.


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