UPDATE 20 July 2021:

All mandated Covid restrictions were dropped in England on 19th July. However, as cases continue to rise we are still mindful of the comfort of those we work with.

For the foreseeable future, all EBM staff members will maintain social distancing, mask-wearing and the strict use of hand sanitizer. We will also continue to test regularly and will adhere to all requirements should one of our team receive a positive diagnosis.

We will continue to support our clients remotely wherever possible. If we are coming to site and you or your staff require anything further of us (e.g. a test on the day of our visit to you, a temperature check, etc.) please do let us know by speaking with your account manager or customer service team: 01376 512 575.


As the Coronavirus situation continues to develop as an organisation we are taking all necessary precautions, as per the guidelines from the Government which we are strongly adhering to.  We have a robust business continuity plan in place to enable us to continue “business as normal” and we have taken the decision to minimise travel and face-to-face meetings to that which are deemed essential for business. Should it be necessary, we have remote working capabilities for employees. We are continually monitoring and assessing the situation and, of course, following the guidance issued by the UK’s Chief Medical Officer.

Safety of our employees is our primary concern whilst making every endeavour to ensure that the company can still support our ongoing contractual obligations. As such, we will continue to support Service contracts with field technicians, using all tools available to us to resolve issues remotely, and without the need for a technician visit. Should a technician be required to attend site, every measure will be taken to minimise risk to both them and the organisation they are visiting. Our installation service will also continue to run and currently our delivery partners do not report changes to their services and deliveries continue as normal.

Inevitably, there will be interruptions to the supply chain including to transportation from our Suppliers throughout the globe. The knock-on effect will be some disruption to the availability of some items. We will do our best to fulfil all requests, which will be dealt with on a first come first served basis, and we will continue to communicate to you as this fluid situation develops.

Should you have any specific queries, please direct your enquiry initially to your EBM Managed Services account manager or our main office.

We thank you for your understanding.

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