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The Forms and Favourites App is installed directly to your Lexmark printer, giving you instant access to specialist online forms and increasing the efficiency of your printing. To quickly print forms you use frequently in a hard copy format, the Forms and Favourites App is essential. It saves storage space, keeps you updated with the latest drafts and reduces waste through overprinting.

You are also able to include selected print settings and save them to your bookmarks. This makes it easy to select your form in the knowledge that it will be printed to your specifications. Simply locate your forms by searching through categories determined by you, or by number, name or description, and then print away.

The touchscreen feature available on each Lexmark Multifunction Printer gives you on-demand retrieval. The interface is easy to navigate and accessible through secure authentication, thanks to the use of personal identification numbers.

Business Challenge:

Many forms needed for customer information, previously in hard-copy format.

  • Requires storage space for the forms
  • Difficult to ensure latest form is used
  • Wasted paper when the form is outdated
  • Difficult to search for archived data

Lexmark’s Solution:

Forms & Favorites allows you to instantly access required online forms from any Lexmark MFP to help simplify and streamline work processes. From the touchscreen, you can navigate through form categories or search for forms based on a form number, name or description.

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