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Google Documents is an app that allows you to upload, share and print files directly from your Lexmark machine. By creating a Google Documents account you are creating an online workplace, where shared folders allow members of your team to collaborate, without having to send one another the relevant files. All are accessible through your Google account and allow quick and efficient sharing that is instantaneous.

For a business, this offers a time-saving method to sharing information and allows your team to stay connected, regardless of where they are. It makes a global network feel local, as no matter where you are, you’re able to login in and share.

The way that Lexmark has utilised this app is to have it included on their printers. This means that by simply logging into your Google account on the printer itself, you can access your Google Documents folders and print directly from them. Gone is the need for a computer to send information to your printer. This single device system means that everything is accessible from your Lexmark machine and all with the ease of a touchscreen.

  • Access easily information from your Google Docs account directly from your device
  • Scan a document directly into a folder for storage / archiving or to share with others

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