Backhouse Solicitors Ltd

Significant savings and increased productivity

The Company

Backhouse Solicitors was founded in 2005, and quickly established themselves as one of the most successful and largest employment law teams in Essex.

In June 2015, Backhouse Solicitors merged with Duffield Stunt Solicitors in Chelmsford, creating a modern and forward thinking legal firm offering high levels of expertise and service to individuals and businesses.

The Challenge

Following the merger, Backhouse Solicitors were left with three multi-function print devices from two separate suppliers. Backhouse Solicitors were unhappy with how much the current MFPs were costing them and experienced service and connectivity issues on all three devices.

One machine wasn’t printing correctly, another couldn’t scan to the server, and once it did scan, it soon forgot the file path, which caused the IT department to re-connect all over again. The service provider at the time was also slow to assist with these problems, impacting workflow.

The service issues alone were causing Backhouse Solicitors time and money. With staff not being able to perform their roles efficiently and excessive print costs, the organisation’s back office was being restricted.  

The Solution

EBM conducted a print audit, where all costs and function issues were examined. EBM found that the current set up was costing Backhouse Solicitors Ltd more than £3,050 per month in copy and leasing costs alone. Coupled with the back office team device uptime issues, which was not factored into calculating this figure, the actual monthly cost to the business would be far higher.

EBM proposed three new Konica Minolta MFPs as the leases being held were expiring or had expired. With these new MFPs, the service issues were resolved and with EBM’s superfast support team, any future defect calls will be dealt with remotely within 30 minutes and onsite within four hours.

The Benefits

Possibly the best outcome for Backhouse Solicitors is that, along with the new machines and vastly improved support service, they have saved £1,813.51 per quarter, which equates to £36,270.20 over five years.

Productivity has also increased, as the back office team and IT support are no longer dealing with scanning or printing issues on a regular basis.