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Significant Savings for Well-Established Law Firm


The Company

Steed & Steed is a well-established law firm with more than 40 staff. The firm operate in Braintree, Essex and Sudbury, Suffolk. They have been providing excellent legal services to clients for more than 100 years and continue to advise on property, private client and family law matters.

The Challenge

Having already sourced a virtual IT helpdesk and hosting services from EBM Steed & Steed invited EBM in to conduct a free print audit. EBM then discussed making their business printing more efficient.

The firm needed to source scanners and replace an aged fleet of 28 unsupported single function printers. They also had seven multi-functional devices (MFDs) for which they were paying high minimum billing and were subject to annual cost-per-copy price increases.

The Solution

The team at EBM helped Steed & Steed source appropriate scanning solutions and came up with a two-tiered installation plan: to replace and support the 28 desktop printers in the short-term, and later upgrade the seven MFDs and put them on a new maintenance contract with a lower, guaranteed price per page for the duration of the contract.

Once up and running Steed & Steed identified some set up tweaks that could make their print operations more efficient in practice. The supportive aftercare team at EBM arranged for this to be done straightaway.

The Benefits

Steed & Steed are now operating under a whole managed solution with EBM.

In particular, the team are enjoying the scanning solution EBM provided. They are also saving paper with double-sided printing and are able to work quicker with more efficient machines.

Most importantly, EBM were able to reduce and guarantee the firm’s print costs as well as providing reliable maintenance services on all their machines.

Overall, EBM’s two-stage plan will help save Steed & Steed over £16,000 in five years.