Utilising Google Cloud Print for Business – Productivity

Google Cloud Print is the easy way to print from any device, wherever you may be, to a designated printer. The Google Cloud Print system is built for ease, giving users the ability to print from phones, tablets and desktops. This from anywhere in the world to a designated machine, with nothing more than a simple ‘print’ instruction. Printers with Cloud Print enabled can help to increase productivity massively for businesses. 92% of consumers want to be able to print using a smartphone or tablet. Now they can, with one-click printing.

All organisations of a certain size need print. It is likely that the majority of employees will also already have a Google account that they utilise either for personal or business use. Combine this with a printer with Google Cloud Print installed then you have everything you need to get started.

Efficiency is also crucial to the way that a company is able to grow and expand, and being able to quickly and securely print from any device to a chosen machine is the epitome of efficient. Should you need to send in a printed report or presentation to the office while you are away from it. For example, then you can, provided that you have a web-connected device that you are able to print from. Your customers too are able to send you through forms and contracts to print directly from your device, if simply given the required credentials.

Google Cloud Print services breed collaboration within organisations. Meaning that both work and home printers are available to anyone that you trust within the company. What’s more, it also utilises applications that you use every day, such as Google Drive and Gmail, as all are connected through a single Google account. Whether managing a printer or a print job, everything you need is accessible through this single account for infinite ease.

BYOD increases requirement for cloud printing solutions

An increasing popularity in bring-your-own-device (BYOD) offices is also meaning that more and more people are looking to mobile printing solutions. Reports have shown that 75% of users believe that mobile printing is as valuable as traditional PC print. With 15% believing it exceeds this more classic process. Being able to send a document to print from home, when out in the car or even in the lift on the way to the office buys valuable time and keeps your business moving.

The Cloud.

Being able to scan directly from a printer into the cloud means an even more efficient practice. By simply creating a folder on your desktop that immediately syncs with the cloud. With this you can send scanned items from your print device to the folder and have them immediately stored. This is a much faster and more efficient method of scanning that keeps everything secure and saves you from having to manually move documents across.

Cloud printing.

Google Cloud Printing is scalable to organisations of any size. Google themselves, a multinational organisation, use their own software internally, showing how adaptable it is. Thousands of printers are able to be connected in the same way that simply a few are. The requirements of the company in question are what is paramount. One of the reasons that Google is so happy to use their own software is that constant connection to the web. Thisenables immediate printer software and driver updates too. Maintaining a consistent level of efficiency as soon as a patch is released and removing errors as soon as they occur.