BIG Telecoms Change Ahead.

Big Telecom Changes Ahead

So, what is the Big Telecoms Change Ahead? Well, the UK telecoms industry is about to change forever. We’re about to see the most significant transformation in the last fifty plus years.

The Big Switch Off.

Back in October 2022 we wrote about The Big Switch Off, and what you need to know. And in 2021 BT announced they were moving everyone from the old analogue public switched telephone network (PSTN) and ISDN to the Internet Protocol (IP) network. It’s not just the telephone service and broadband, it will be everything that uses the old type of network, such as EPOS machines, CCTV, alarms, faxes and door entry systems.

Why change now? We’ve got plenty of time…

In this case “sooner is better than later”, no need to panic, give us a call and we’ll explain what it takes and the time scales to switch. To cut it short, you’ll need to give notice to your current provider, get the line switched to EBM, we’ll obtain the correct equipment that suites your needs, configure it, install it and make sure it works exactly to your requirements. Let’s not leave it until the last minute and join a mad rush. Whilst there shouldn’t be a rush, if too many people leave it to the last minute…..

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