Carbon neutral with Kyocera

Carbon neutral with Kyocera, EBM work with Kyocera

Carbon neutral with Kyocera, EBM work with Kyocera because they have the same philosophies as EBM. We’re all concerned with what we see in the news about global warming, and we believe we all have a part to play in reducing our carbon footprint.


Kyocera design with the environment in mind. To deliver highly reliable products that reduce the use of natural resources and drive down CO2. Their expertise in long-life ceramics lies at the heart of the technology, so customers can benefit from a low total cost of ownership. This focus on long-life, sustainable components and long-lasting consumables reduces the frequency of shipping replacement parts or even putting a service engineer on the road.

Eco toner saves energy
Energy efficient power modes
Advanced power management
Energy saving design
Ecological packaging
Easy to recycle
Single-use plastic reduction
Long-life consumables


Along with EBM, Kyocera are committed to helping our customers with their green goals by developing carbon neutral printing initiatives. Having a long commitment as both a company and a manufacturer to delivering more sustainable and environmentally conscious print solutions. Their culture of care, and range of forward-thinking products and services offer a real alternative for those looking to change and demonstrate a new and sustainable way of working. Choosing Kyocera machine for carbon neutral printing will enable you to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. We offer customers the option to offset their printers and MFPs or for those taking an EBM managed print service the option to fully offset both the devices and services.

Carbon Offsetting.

Kyocera carbon offset your devices through my climate, the same partner they use to offset their own UK business operations in pursuit of net zero status. They have chosen to invest in their international projects certified by CDM Gold Standard. It is the most stringent certification for carbon offsetting projects and is supported by 60 NGOs worldwide.

EBM offset carbon through our partner Carbon Footprint Ltd. They have lots of projects in the UK and overseas, from planting trees, water, wind, conservation projects and many more. Since 2019 Carbon Footprint Ltd has planted have planted over 370,000 trees in over 1500 locations across the UK (Dec2022). In 2022/23 EBM offset 88.401 tonnes of carbon dioxide which supported a global portfolio of verified carbon reduction projects. To find out more click here.

Haven’t heard of Kyocera?

If you haven’t heard of Kyocera you would have certainly used one of their products without knowing. Originally known as Kyoto Ceramic Company from 1959 to 1982 they are world leaders in ceramic. From ceramic kitchen products such as knives through to automotive components, electronic component and devices for mobile phones, solar panels, LCD’s and touch screens, watch and jewellery components, even ceramic hip replacements the list goes on… You would have used something. The technology in their photocopiers and printers are quite simply very advanced.

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