Committed to a sustainable future

Committed to a sustainable future (Print.IT Reseller)

Committed to a sustainable future (Print.IT Reseller)

In the latest Print.IT Reseller magazine. Mark Bailey managing director was asked to comment on feature Committed to a sustainable future (Print.IT Reseller) .

Both COP26 and the global pandemic have increased environmental awareness, causing more people to pay more attention to climate change. It’s clear that if we are to limit the most damaging impacts of climate change, the direction of travel is firmly towards net zero.

Mark was asked: “What are the main objectives and targets of your sustainability strategy, and what progress has been made in meeting your goals?”

Marks reply: “We as a company have a responsibility to trade and conduct business in an ethical and sustainable way. We strive to continually improve our social responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment.”

“This started back in 2011 when EBM started embedding sustainability at the core of our company. Beginning with a partnership with our key manufacturers to stop the disposal of their cartridges in landfill sites. “This is done through a recycling scheme where we provide our customers with free cartridge recycling containers that are sent to our recycling partners.”

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