EBM invests in staff wellbeing


EBM invests in staff wellbeing

EBM are proud to announce we’ve invested in every member of staff’s wellbeing, by firstly implementing private health insurance with Vitality covering a whole host of benefits.

At EBM we feel very passionate about who works for us and how we treat them. Not only do we back mental health cover, but physical as well. With a NHS waiting lists so long, even waiting for an appointment with your local GP not guaranteed when you need it we thought it was the right time to introduce a scheme such as this.

On the launch meeting of the scheme, we held a workshop style meeting. This was where staff members were involved in what they would like to help wellbeing at work. We had further suggestions such as water cooler machine, plants in the office, bonuses, birthdays off, even a fruit bowl in the office, the list went on……

We then introduced “DO MORE – GET MORE” such a simple statement. Our staff already work to an extremely high standard, so how do you reward someone in a genuine way that goes the extra mile, swats up when they get a spare private moment or even takes a fellow colleague under their wing.

It’s all about looking after each other whilst making sure the company grows.  Mick Bailey (Founder and Chairman) has always said “if the company does well, we’ll all do well” this has been proven when people have escalated their careers within and even outside EBM.

Our Values

We now want to take the “Wellbeing” message further, whilst making EBM Managed Services the place to work, “you spend a lot of time at work so you should enjoy it” (another one of Mick’s quotes). Our values for many years have been:

Positive and enjoy what we do.

Professional at all times.

Flexible and open to change.

Passionate about what we do.

Team players.

These values are chosen by our staff and have been blazoned on our walls since 2017.

Public Health England published guidance back in 2019 which talks about health and work, the scale of the problem, creating healthy working places, call to action etc…. Find these here

Why Vitality? Click here.

We chose Vitality to get access to private healthcare and helps cover the cost. That’s anything from seeing a private doctor, to surgery and treatment. Vitality have a great support package, getting people involved with a points system that encourages healthy diet and exercise. You earn points to spend at such places as Amazon, Headspace, Odeon, Virgin Active, Expedia and many more….

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