EBM Shortlisted for Sustainability Award

Print IT Awards 2020 - Shortlisted Logo

EBM are in the running for the Sustainability Award at the Print IT Awards 2020.

Founder Mick Bailey said: “It’s exciting! Sustainability is an issue we take extremely seriously, and it has been for a while now.”

Each year, EBM work out and offset their carbon emissions.  Although this means that the firm is running a carbon neutral business. EBM also adhere to an environmental policy focused on the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra. As such, everything from suppliers to cleaning products is vetted to be as green as possible.

“But I think lots of businesses are able to say that,” says Mick. “Where EBM stand out is our Green Print Programme.”

Director Richard Tytherleigh explains: “We calculate the carbon emissions for each client – how many miles to/from their offices on call outs, how much electricity to run their machines, etc. – and offset that amount on our clients’ behalf each year, free of charge to them.”

MD Mark Bailey adds: “It’s great to be recognised for the Sustainability Award, but we’ll keep up our efforts either way. This is about reducing our impact on the environment in a way that also works for EBM as a business. We’re really excited to offer our clients a greener means of printing.” The firm are always looking for new and more innovative ways to reduce EBM’s impact on the environment, and pass this on to clients where possible.

Print IT Reseller will announce the winners on February 11th 2021. Good luck to all the nominees!