EBM supports Toshiba’s Carbon Zero Printers

Toshiba has gone Carbon Zero with their new Multifunctional printing fleet, with thanks to carbon offsetting partner ‘co2balance’.

Toshiba has managed to offset the carbon produced when manufacturing, shipping, delivering and installing their new Multifunctional printers. They have also offset the carbon from the first one million prints that the printer produces by absorbing or saving the equivalent amount of C02.

The projects Toshiba are supporting;

There are four Gold Standard energy efficient projects at the moment that Toshiba is currently supporting. The projects are situated in various countries around the world, and help various registered charities work, as well our own carbon footprint emissions!

The first energy efficient project is in Kenya, providing energy saving cooking stoves to villages in Kenya. These cooking stoves replace traditional open fires, which have been proved to be the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes a day! New jobs are created in these villages when the stoves are being built by the villagers themselves.

Toshiba has also started supporting the Daxije River Micro Hydro Power project, in China, which displaces the electricity on the central China power grid, and Toshiba are also helping supply low energy light bulbs to households and community groups in Kenya. They are also supporting the Somercombe Wood Project right here in the UK.

How this can help your company;

  1. Doing your bit to combat climate change with the offset carbon emissions
  2. Enhancing the green credential of your company as well as showing that you are an ethical company with strong corporate social responsibilities
  3. Marketing your company as running a ‘CarbonZero print fleet’ which you can include it on your website, annual reports, newsletters and bulletins
  4. Helping charities work with poor families in Kenya saving time and money on firewood by providing them with energy saving stoves but also creating cleaner and more hygienic ways of cooking
  5. Protecting the environment! Not only by saving carbon, but also generating green energy, habitat protection and reducing deforestation
  6. The new Carbon Zero MFPs by Toshiba are more energy and environmentally efficient, saving time and money and reduces current printing costs by up to 30%

EBM are proud to promote Toshiba’s Carbon Zero Scheme and the projects that Toshiba are supporting.