Moving to the Cloud is a breeze


We say that moving to the cloud is a breeze.

Why move to the cloud?

In the past cloud technology was mainly used by large companies, because back then it was only the large companies that could afford to invest in IT Infrastructure. Moving to the cloud really levels the playing field, this gives companies of any size the chance to store information at a datacentre rather than their own onsite server.

You save money on not having to purchase and run a server (not only the maintenance but the electricity as well). You won’t have to worry about space or a room for a server, and hardware-software updates.

The cloud hosted desktop will give you scalable computing power, whilst keeping your requirements and storage to a minimum.

Security on a cloud based system is far more superior than an onsite system, also a provider such as Microsoft will have more money, time and infrastructure to keep security up to date throughout the day and night. You also have a reduced risk of data loss by backing up offsite, reducing the risk of potential hackers, viruses, ransomware and other cyber security problems.

By virtualising your office environment in the cloud, you also allow people to log on and work from another office, home or anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection, or a mobile connection.

How do we move to the cloud?

Simply give us a call, one of our team will arrange a meeting, we will assess what you have at the moment, then we’ll draw up a plan on how to move you from your existing system and migrate you to a cloud based system. We will work to an infrastructure designed by us for your requirements, whilst allowing for scalability. So give us a call, email or live chat to find out more about Microsoft Cloud and EBM, and we show you how moving to the cloud is a breeze.