Supporting Brainwave Charity

Supporting Brainwave Charity

Just a note why the staff of EBM, and the reasons why they support the local Witham based Charity of Brainwave whenever they can.

For little Ava Chaplin, every penny raised for charity Brainwave means her miraculous progress can continue.

At birth, her parents Liz and Danny were given little hope their daughter would ever achieve anything, having been diagnosed as blind and with fluid on the brain, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

Today, the three-and-a-half year old is continuing to amaze her family and the team of supporters she has working with her at Brainwave in Witham, a centre providing therapy for babies and children with developmental delay or brain injury.

Mum Liz..

Mum Liz, of Boreham, is encouraging families to go along to a fun day for the organisation on Saturday September 10 in Witham to ensure the support network her family has come to rely on can continue.

She said: “Not every child is lucky enough to be born able-bodied. For the first year of Ava’s life, we fumbled around in the dark with little hope. The diagnosis was pretty grim and so every treatment she was given seemed like a token gesture.

“When we were introduced to Brainwave, I went in thinking it would be more of the same. But, it is so homely and welcoming, you cannot fail to feel positive. Ava had always been so anxious at her medical appointments, but even she was relaxed from the minute we walked in.


“After her first assessment, we were told Ava had ‘fabulous potential’. Nobody had ever said that. It was one of those moments I will never forget. It was so wonderful to hear a professional had the same belief in our little girl that we had.”

Within just a couple of months of Ava experiencing the daily exercise programme  designed for her, she made huge leaps in progress, learning to sit up, feed herself and even giggling for the very first time.

Mrs Chaplin said: “It was never about making huge progress for Ava. It’s the little things which mean so much.

“At Brainwave, they see the potential in every child. They inspired us to keep pushing and gave us back some hope. To make progress with children like Ava, Brainwave needs funds. I would encourage people to put their hand in their pocket and give.”

Families are invited along to the fun day between 11am and 4pm to enjoy a day of entertainment, including face-painting, games and stalls, plus neck and shoulder massages, reflexology and a cream tea.

Gerry Gould, SE community manager for Brainwave, said: “We look forward to having a really fun day. We will be having tours of our Children’s Therapy Centre so people can learn more about the work we do with children and families.

“Everyone is welcome.”

For more information about the free event, contact Gerry on 01268 561784, 07725 956014 or

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