The Brainwave Charity – Mick’s Ambassador Role

Brainwave LogoAt EBM we enjoy being an active member of our community, especially when it comes to local charities. One we are especially proud to be associated with is Brainwave, a UK based charity that offers therapy to children with disabilities and additional needs to help them achieve their potential.

There are three Children’s Therapy Centres nationally which are based in Bridgwater in Somerset. Warrington in Cheshire and Witham in Essex.   Families come to the Centres following an introduction process and once an appointment is made the child is seen by two therapists for a two-day Initial Assessment. The therapists then devise a structured exercise Programme to suit the individual needs of each child. What makes Brainwave different is that the therapists show the parents how to do this exercise therapy Programme at home, which empowers them to take an active role in their child’s development. Re-Assessments are every four to six months.

Brainwave does not receive any government funding and it costs them £3,500 per child per year to keep on their exercise therapy programmes. There are a number of ways you can become involved with Brainwave and we would strongly urge that you do. There are fundraising events throughout the year, including marathons, Santa dashes and local events that you can volunteer for OR why not choose them as your company’s ‘Charity of the Year’ OR hold your own fundraising event OR become a Guardian.

If you would like to know more about Brainwave or how you can help please contact: Gerry Gould on 01268 561784; 07725956014; Email:

The support we have offered has led to an Ambassador role for our former Managing Director, Mick Bailey. Our help comes in the best way we know how; by providing the South East Centre based in Witham with a full colour printer run free of charge. We are also more than happy to print flyers and posters to help them promote their events, again free of charge as gifts in kind.  Over the years this has likely been the equivalent of a few thousand pounds and we are proud to play our part. To be able to help in our small way is a privilege and we will continue to do so for as long as we are welcome.

So congratulations to Mick on his recognition, and to Brainwave we say; keep up the amazing work!