What’s in store for 2024?

What's in store for 2024 Vitality Tandem go cart

What’s in store for 2024?

What does 2024 hold in store for us? As we enter the new year with anticipation of exciting developments, EBM’s market growth is showing promise. The emergence of new machine models from manufacturers, combined with a growing number of eco-friendly solutions currently available and in the pipeline, paints a positive picture for the future.

At EBM, our commitment to progress is evident as we continue to invest in infrastructure, including building improvements, new vehicles, and, notably, the development of our staff.

This year marks the introduction of “The EBM Way,” delineating our path forward. We aim to cultivate our business by supporting customers through a team of individuals personally invested in and dedicated to growth. Our goal is to be a leading employer, setting benchmarks in personal development, self-improvement, and well-being.

In 2023, we enriched employee benefits by introducing fresh fruit, beverages, ice cream fridges, and a water filter machine. Additionally, all staff members received memberships to “Vitality Health & Fitness.”

At EBM, our identity revolves around being a culture of driven, invested, and motivated individuals. While we encourage a fun atmosphere, ensuring that work is accomplished remains a priority. Fairness is integral, and we reward those who shoulder ultimate responsibility and go the extra mile—embracing a meritocratic approach. Through experience, we’ve learned that, although there may be many “right ways” to achieve something, our constant pursuit is to find the “best way.” This involves continuous learning, improvement, and a relentless commitment to excellence.

“The EBM Way” and “Our Values” are prominently displayed on office walls for all employees and visitors to see.

Looking forward to 2024, several team members have taken on fundraising challenges. Richard is preparing for the Great Dunmow soapbox race, using an old sit-on lawnmower chassis creatively repurposed into a soapbox. Meanwhile, Daryll and Mark have volunteered for a 100-mile cycle ride. Opting for a tandem bike—because, after all, why make it easy when you can make it memorable?

The EBM Tandem getting ready for the 100 mile cycle.

Watch this space for more news on how we get on in these events.