Google it! Or maybe don’t… The strangest printer searches on Google

Cartoon - Printer Search on PC

We’ve all been there. Something has gone wrong either at home or at work with a device we are using. We have a technical problem, or a query, to which we need an immediate answer. Where do we go to get our advice? An IT specialist? Our friends? Our supportive network of loved ones? Absolutely not. We do a printer search on Google.

If nothing else, this simple fact shows the amazing progression of technology. We can input our troubles, worries and requests into a machine, and be given the answer in seconds.

An invaluable tool in many ways, Google is so smart it can even predict what you are going type before you write it out, based on what has been searched for before.

For example, if I were to start typing into the search bar ‘When is…’, Google anticipates my question to be ‘When is Easter 2017’, or ‘When is my car tax due’. A quick answer to a simple question.

However, some suggestions start to get a little more amusing when you factor in the world of printing. We wondered exactly what kinds of questions people might have that we could help them solve. What we found was that people are often after fixes to some quite obscure issues, and we’ve collaborated a list of our favourites to share with you.

  • What printer will print money?
  • How to illegally print money
  • How to make printer paper feel like money

There are a worrying number of searches regarding the specifics on how to print realistic money. Don’t do it, guys.

  • My printer is printing Chinese

Sounds delicious!

  • Printer y u no work
  • My printer is going crazy
  • What the hell is my printer doing

These searches are so desperate the searcher can’t even analyse the problem. Y u no communicate?

  • Why does my printer smell like fish/poop/ammonia/gas?

I really hope they found the answer to this, and sorted it immediately.

  • I love printer

And I love lamp.

  • Printer I’m out of ink
  • Please print this email

These searches are so sweet; I like to imagine a small voice attempting a polite conversation through Google. Maybe ending it with a thank you?

  • How to print a cat

This search heavily relies on the presumption that it is possible to print a cat, which is arguably more face-palm worthy than the search itself.

  • Printed marshmallow

I thought that this was a strange search, but it’s a real thing, people! You can print images onto edible marshmallows, the powers of technology!

Overall, Google is a great tool. It helps us by providing a world of information at our fingertips. However, maybe a few of these searches would have benefitted from a moments reflection before hitting the search button? Just a thought.

If you have any queries about your EBM printer, no matter how silly, get in touch with one of our helpful advisors!