Why an IT audit is vital for SMEs

IT Audit - Touch Screen Mobile and Stethescope

IT Audit

Unlike people, computers cannot communicate when something is wrong, other than by failing. Despite their incredible intelligence, they can’t communicate how to prevent the process of their systems from breaking down. We know not to lift heavy objects if we want to protect our backs, we know to put sun cream on to look after our skin. Computers, on the other hand, do not have similar knowledge.

Yet one digital breakdown could cause catastrophic damage to an SME.

Get your system checked with an IT Audit

An IT Audit includes:

  • Computing speed
  • Virus protection status
  • System operation (uncovering unwanted build-up, efficiency prevention, etc.).
  • Corruption of documents and files
  • Software performance

An IT audit produces a list of strengths and weaknesses that would otherwise remain unknown. This begins with assessing how your machines operate, before identifying how to best improve performance.

What next?

After a thorough audit, the next step is to diagnose causes for concern, and to resolve them. By anticipating potential problems, you prevent unnecessary damage in a cost-effective and pragmatic way.

Just as a quick boost of vitamin C can bring us back from the brink of a cold, computers can be saved from a malfunction in much the same way. It just helps to check.

When should I check my systems?

As you would with an MOT, your computers should be assessed at least once a year.

There are of course some additional markers that indicate when your computers are in need of attention. You can look out for:

  • Slow functioning
  • Computer crashes
  • Freezing screens
  • Delay or complete failure in executing commands

An IT audit could save your business time, money and a great deal of stress. However, limited budgets often deter companies from giving their technology the attention it deserves.

To anticipate a problem before it arises is often the most cost-effective solution. By investing in the future, businesses are able to accurately predict where their resources should be directed, before it’s too late. Outdated systems and hardware are often the reason we buy new machines. Yet by managing maintenance they can run at their best for much longer.

IT Audit: Interested?

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