Should you outsource your IT department?

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Outsourced IT

In most businesses, technology is the foundation to success. Large businesses typically employ their own in-house IT department. Others rely on existing staff to solve computing problems when they arise. However, due to its ever-evolving nature, more and more companies use outsourced IT.

The decision as to whether you need to outsource will largely come down to the size of your business.

Big or Small?

Larger firms generally have the budget, space, and demand for an in-house IT department. For an enterprise with multiple departments it makes sense to have a familiar team to support it. They can be trained on the company’s specific policies, and are consistency available to assist with technological emergencies.

This is less practical for small businesses.

For SMEs, outsourcing IT management is a cost-efficient means of ensuring that systems and equipment run at their best. Small businesses don’t typically need continuous IT support. Therefore, employing, training and paying an entire team becomes a costly and unnecessary.

Outsourcing IT management to an external source, on the other hand, is often a wise economical decision for your business. Providing an on-demand service, your IT can be managed, supported, and protected as need must.

Outsourced IT: Expertise

Many businesses simply do not have the budget for an in-house IT department. As such, they rely on general staff for IT maintenance. This puts additional pressure on staff and diverts them from the job they’re employed to do. With outsourced management, companies can be secure that their IT is being cared for by a team of experts.

With programmes tailored to a company’s individual needs, SMEs still benefit from the specificity of an in-house department. It is widely agreed though that businesses can only grow as far as their technology allows. Outsourced IT suppliers keep on top of relevant software and equipment to enable growth.

Outsourced IT: Budget

As we’ve touched on, it is ultimately budget that dictates whether you need to outsource. If your business is at a stage where every department has multiple machines, breakdowns are frequent, and upgrades are necessary, then an in-house IT department may be the most practical answer.

However, if you run an SME, it is far more efficient to outsource, both in terms of cost and productivity. Outsourced IT with EBM brings with it a range of new benefits delivered to businesses across East Anglia. For example, data protection and recovery, software installation and support, IT training and skill transfer.

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