Backhouse Solicitors Ltd – Significant Savings and Increased Productivity

Backhouse Solicitors are a firm that was founded in 2005, and who have since grown to become one of the largest and most successful employment law and debt recovery teams in Essex. In June 2015, they merged with Duffield Stunt Solicitors in Chelmsford, joining forces to become a modern, forward thinking legal firm able to offer expertise across the full spectrum of legal specialisms. It was following this merger that we first encountered Backhouse Solicitors and were asked to assess their print situation.

After the merger was finalised, Backhouse found that they were left with three multi-function print devices that were from two separate suppliers. The MFP’s in question were incredibly expensive to run, and unreliable too. All three were found to regularly experience service and connectivity issues.

One of the devices wasn’t printing correctly and another was struggling to scan to the server. Even when it could, it would then forget the file path, which meant the IT department was forced to continuously re-connect the machine. Their service providers we slow to assist with the problems as well, inevitably leading to an impact on workflow.

The whole situation was costing Backhouse time and money. Staff were unable to perform their roles effectively and the print costs associated with the machines were extortionate. They needed a solution.

Print Audit:

EBM was asked to perform a print audit, to analyse the function issues and assess the costs involved. Having compiled the report, EBM was able to immediately notify Backhouse that their current setup was costing them more than £3,050 per month in copy and leasing costs. This substantial figure was likely to be significantly higher too when combined with the device uptime issues that were affecting the back office team.

The solution proposed by EBM was for three new Konica Minolta MFPs, as the leases for the other machines were thankfully either expiring or already expired. This introduction meant that all service issues were now resolved. Added to that, EBM’s superior support service also know meant that all future defect calls would either be handled remotely within 30 minutes or onsite in four hours.

The benefits were immediately evident. As well as having new, technically superior machines and a vastly improved support service, Backhouse has also been able to save £1,813.51 per quarter, which will equate to £36,270.20 over five years.

The productivity of the team has also greatly improved, with less scanning and printing issues preventing work from being completed. In an environment where printing is an integral part of day-to-day operations, as it is for Backhouse Solicitors, the reduction of downtime and significant cut in costs has made a huge difference.

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