Security is the key issue for digital printing in 2017 says EBM

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Infographic celebrating the history and future of digital printing launched

Print security is vastly underestimated. Businesses are putting themselves at risk by overlooking the vulnerabilities of the many printing devices that are connected directly to their network.

2016 has seen an increase in cloud adoption and mobile printing. But print security concerns have been raised around how easy it is for users to access documents stored in the cloud from multiple devices and open networks to enable wireless printing.

Mark Bailey, Managing Director, EBM said:

“I think that we’ll begin to see a major shift in the services that suppliers offer, with managed IT solutions coming to the forefront as cloud adoption increases. Many high profile data breaches have occurred in the last 12 months – and what many people do not realise is that any device connected to the network is vulnerable.

“Deploying secure print methods such as follow-me printing, with additional authentication to release print jobs or access documents from the device including biometrics, cards, and codes to release print jobs is another trend I’d expect to see gain traction in the next few years as improved connectivity to print devices continues to increase.”

Another key trend identified by EBM addresses the way in which the print industry must evolve to meet the demands of users in a constantly connected world.

Bailey continued:

“The way we print has evolved rapidly in the last five years. In order to keep up with demand, the industry has gotten smarter, more efficient, and better for the environment by developing innovative devices and products that not only lower costs and increase productivity, but also reduce a business’s carbon footprint. For many companies, print is – and will continue to be – a necessity for a long time to come, so manufacturers and resellers have a duty to educate businesses about the advances in print technology.

“With the boom in smartphone usage, print solutions that integrate across devices seamlessly, from any location, will be a trend that continues to pick up pace in 2017. Managed print solutions are becoming more mobile-focused and document storage and management in a cloud environment is helping businesses become more productive, as it allows employees to retrieve documents and print them from their mobile device – no matter where they are located.”

EBM has released an infographic that takes a retrospective look at the history of digital printing. The infographic explores the evolution of the print industry from the 1950s until present day.

While the infographic looks back, Mark Bailey, Managing Director, EBM, is looking forward to what new opportunities and innovations 2017 and beyond will bring to the print industry.

Download a free copy of our infographic – ‘The History of Modern Printing’

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