New Lexmark XS795dte, Lexmark XS798de & XS798dte Series

The new Lexmark XS790 Series will soon be made available from EBM Managed Services from the 1st of September 2014. Offering a range of inventive time and energy saving solutions to the printing needs of your office. These A4 colour multifunction machines have been developed as the latest in a long line of Lexmark products. These look at supplying high quality, dependable print at affordable prices.

Tailored requirements.

Each in the XS790 range is tailored towards the specific requirements of business and has integrated the renowned Lexmark software that is so popular around the world. The vibrant colour provided by these machines negates the need for outsourced services. They come with in-house production the ability to generate print to a professional standard. The extra high yield of the cartridges is an important feature, with around 20,000 black pages and 18,000 colour expected from each. There is also consistency to the colour tone of each print, which again reflects a professional finish.


It isn’t only the quality and productivity of the machines that is impressive. As Lexmark’s focus on eco-responsibility means that cartridge use is minimised, conserving both energy and paper. The Sleep and Hibernate settings are another way of conserving energy that can reflect both on bills and the environment.

Time saving.

Time saving features include an instant warm up fuser; speeding up the process from cool to ready. This saves precious minutes throughout the day. Other applications include a duplex scanning facility, as well as the ability to pause mid-print. Then you can instantly start a smaller job, eliminating waiting times. The ability to scan direct to email, FTP, fax, network and other transfers is another time saving feature that puts these Lexmark machines a cut above.

The 10-inch colour touchscreen system allows for easy accessibility and the audible feedback. This keeps you confident in the progress of your print. The preview features also let you assess the quality of your print in advance.

The newest additions to the XS790 family include the:

  • XS795dte – This floor standing digital machine runs at 35ppm and has a 35 second copy time for colour and 11 second time for black. It has a 2,300 sheet capacity and a noise emission of just 51 dBA.
  • XS798de – This smaller desktop printer runs at a higher rate of 47ppm, with 11 seconds on colour and just 10 on black. It has a higher capacity, at 3,200 sheets and is only fractionally louder, at 52 dBa.
  • XS798dte – Another floor standing unit, this machine also runs at 47ppm and with the same 11 and 10 second copy times for colour and black prints. It has the same capacity as the desktop and the same noise emission.

To find out more about Lexmark, or any information on the new XS790 series, please feel free to get in touch. We are able to supply a full specification for each machine that will give you every detail towards helping you make your choice for a Lexmark XS790 machine.