New products – Olivetti d-Color MF220, d-Color MF280 and d-Color MF360

Visit our products page to see the new Olivetti d-Color MF220, d-Color MF280 and d-Color MF360 machines.


Main Characteristics

  • 667MHz – 1GB Processor – 2 GB Memory – 250GB HDD
  • Large Paper Capacity up to 3,650 Sheets
  • High-speed Scanning up to 70 ppm
  • Warm up Time of Only 45 Seconds Max


More Added Features


The Olivetti d-Color MF220, d-Color MF280 and d-Color MF360 are the new colour digital multifunction systems that pay special attention to security.

Authentication for a variety of profiles means users can access the internet with maximum confidentiality guaranteed.

The Copy Guard function prevents copies being made of documents with a specific security pattern. Confidential documents can be protected with the secure printing function, which enables printing only after the document password has been keyed in on the operator panel. Documents will be printed automatically only when the system has authenticated the user.

A wide range of security functions are also provided to guarantee confidentiality on fax transmission.


Equipped with a high-performance scanner, the new multifunction systems make it easy to distribute and
share information.

With a speed of 70 ppm, they provide high-speed scan-to email, scan-to-FTP, scan-to-SMB, scan-to-Box (user mailboxes). Scan formats include PDF and compact PDF, XPS and compact XPS, TIFF and JPEG. The models feature scanning to a USB medium, for document acquisition without a PC. Scanning in OCR mode supports faster text searches in PDF documents.

Digital and analogue fax capabilities allow users to manage fax messages directly from their PC, without having to print documents.


The Olivetti d-Color MF220, MF280 e MF360 support a wide range of paper formats: all standard formats up to A3 as well as personalised formats. The paper trays offer a standard capacity of 1,150 sheets, expandable to 3,650 sheets, and handle weights up to 256 grammes; the bypass supports weights up to 271 grammes and special formats including labels, transparencies and envelopes. With the bypass, banners can be printed to lengths of 1.2 metres.

Three types of finisher unit are available for system customisation to in-house publishing requirements: a modular floor-standing unit, an integrated stapler finisher and a job sorter.


The polymerised toner, thanks to its tiny and uniformly minute particles, delivers superior print quality in all documents.

At the same time, the polymerisation process enables toner fixing at lower temperatures that means minimising warm-up time while reducing power consumption.

In compliance with environmental regulations, the design of these systems allows easy separation of materials (including the toner bottle) for fast, convenient recycling.

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