Can Lexmark applications improve efficiency in your office?

Printers and Photocopiers

Lexmark is an innovative brand that prides itself in investing not only in the high-tech specifications of its machines. Whilst also in the functionality of their offering. Constantly developing their printers, photocopiers, and applications in order to improve efficiency for their customers. Lexmark applications can be downloaded straight to a device, enabling businesses to streamline existing systems, from uploading solutions, to management, sharing and even the efficiency of printing documents. So if you have a Lexmark in your office, can you use these apps to improve efficiency?

Lexmark Apps

Scan to Network

Scan to Network is an efficient and easy way to capture hardcopy documents, convert to a digital format and save to a predefined location in a shared network folder. Facilitating the automatic conversion of hard copy to soft copy document management.

One of the benefits of Scan to Network is its use of a shared networking folder. This means that documents are immediately made available to those who have access. This is an automatic conversion, with less time spent attaching documents to emails and more time managing them digitally.

This centralised activity leads to a more efficient scanning system. Not only is time saved and the risk of errors massively reduced. This also saves valuable space both in the reduction of hardcopy documents in need of physical storage, and in your email inbox. With less document attachments needing to be stored there.

See more information on Scan to Network here.


The Lexmark MyShortcuts allows End Users quick & easy access to frequently used copy, fax and email settings. So this is pre-defined by the administrator or end users; the End User selects the required profile and loads the media into the device and the copy, fax or email is made with the predefined settings.

For end users, this is a valuable addition. Breeding efficiency with less time spent setting directions and more utilising the document. Whether defined by the company administrator or the end user themselves, it is both a time and money saving feature. So simply put select the required profile, load the appropriate media and then copy, fax or print with the required settings. This, combined with the reduction of incorrectly configured documents being printed, brings both environmental and financial benefits.

Read more about MyShortcuts here.

Forms and Favorites

Forms & Favorites allows you to instantly access required online forms from any Lexmark MFP to help simplify and streamline work processes. And from the touchscreen, you can navigate through form categories or search for forms based on a form number, name or description.

As it is installed directly to your Lexmark printer, giving you instant access to specialist online forms and increasing the efficiency of your printing. To quickly print forms you use frequently in a hard copy format, the Forms and Favourites App is essential. It saves storage space. Keeps you updated with the latest drafts and reduces waste through overprinting.

Find out more about Forms and Favorites here.

Summing up Lexmark are an EBM trusted supplier. EBM can supply your office with a Lexmark printer and one of our Managed Print packages. To arrange a free Print Audit, to discover where we can save your business money, call our Head Office today on 01376 512575.