Ricoh’s Print and Share

Ricoh Print & Share LogoHaving spent last month looking at the progressive way that Lexmark is providing apps for business, including the positives of using Google Documents to upload, share and print and using Google Cloud to send documents away from the desk, we are now looking at the Print and Share application of our Ricoh machines and their ability to perform multiple tasks on a single print job.

The Print and Share feature offers and multi-function channel that combines with a highly intelligent, virtual printer drive. This means that in layman’s terms you have a powerful system. Tailored towards customising distribution documents to send out to distributors. What it adds up to is a lot of time saved.

Its benefits are widespread to the many areas of distribution that a business will encounter, including the ability to:

  1. Create profiles that are suited to specific jobs, helping you to access and utilise specific features immediately.
  2. Automatically recognise a profile through your content. Print and Share is able to scan the content you have written and assign the profile most likely to be needed.
  3. Easily assign the same document to a variety of paper options, or pick individual pages to different paper.
  4. Allow individual or multiple files to be sent to various printers, supplying information to the relevant parties immediately.

Easy to Use Each feature is incredibly easy to use and turns what can be a time consuming distribution print system into a quick and stress-free task.

Whilst Ricoh’s Print and Share is also concerned with space management and gives you options. Both to print 2 pages to a single sheet and also take advantage of a white space reduction feature. By determining the white space available on the page, the system anticipates the best result visually with the most efficient way of reducing wastage.

Other insertion options:

Other insertion options include being able to insert a page automatically to specific files. If for instance you need to add terms and conditions to the back of each invoice you print. Print and Share will store information that requires it to apply the T&C content automatically. The same can be used when inserting a logo or watermark, along with barcodes.

Even the way it assess outgoing emails is intelligent. If you use an address in you document it will automatically detect where you email is going and add you file as a PDF.

Each innovation can save you minutes at a time. Adding up to hours a week and days a month saved through simple, yet technical changes to your printing and distribution regime. Above are just a selection of the machines capabilities and how they can benefit you and your business. For the full specifications get in touch, or speak to one of our advisors today for all the info.