5 Top Tips – Reducing Laser Printer Problems

Give your printer some TLC with help from EBM.

  1. Always, fan your paper through before putting it into your paper tray. This will reduce multi-sheet feeding and paper jamming.
  1. Store your paper in a dry and heated place. If you store paper in the cold it could get damp, this will cause jamming and copy quality problems.
  1. Once you have opened a packet of paper keep the unused paper (paper which you have not put into the machine) in the original packet. This will also reduce damp paper problems.
  1. Before putting toner into the machine give the cartridge a gentle shake from left to right. As like most people you will have brought a spare cartridge and left it in the stationary cupboard for a while. If so the toner inside the cartridge can become compact. If you put the toner straight in the machine, it may cause problems.
  1. If a paper jam has occurred, DO NOT pull on the paper. Gently ease the paper out referring to the guide normally found on the inside cover of the machine. When you do attempt to get the paper out try and let it remain in one piece. If it tears, try and get the remains out as small bits of leftover paper can cause problems later and leave you with a broken printer.